Contemplation taken literally would always fail to reach its object. Ever thinking about being present keeps the actual present one step further away. These words in a sense are a hindrance because they are symbols ever pointing to the reality of the thing being symbolised. If we live in this way we are forever holding onto and accumulating the symbols of life albeit meaningfully and sincerely but as the carrot to the donkey - we are never actually living in that which they are pointing to.
The moment the symbol has done it's job we must let go of it.
We must be in the habit of engaging less and less with the symbol and more and more we should be engaging in the spontaneous act which is being pointed to.
Or to put another way the gap between symbolising and it's reality should be insignificantly small that they could be considered synchronous. There is no time to think about being because being is timeless and thinking is temporal. The only time is now in which we truly become.