Being aware of Jesus as the incarnate one is to be present to all there is as it is in Him. However there seems to be a barrier (a shell or a bubble) that exists between my-self and all that is in its generality and its particularity. How can this shell be broken - this bubble be burst? How am I livingly to participate in reality? It seems my mind wants to reinforce the separate self in order to maintain its identity. It is like being on the edge of the dance floor observing the dance. Something I often used to do - I was often at the disco but I didn't dance! Sometimes with a bit of concentration we can observe specific 'dancers' - a flower or a sunset or an unusual occurrence but we can only sufficiently be participators in reality when we get on the dance floor and be part of the dance. This happens when we say "I am the reality that is present with me in this moment. I am the dance. I am the flower, the tree, the sound of the clock, the warmth of the dog on my knee". In so doing we are not denying our self (neither the individuality of all things) but dis-identifying with it for the sake of love. We are giving precedence to presence, to relationship to the dance, to participation, to relationship in movement. My self interest takes second place.

This dance metaphor fails in that in a typical dance we have to step onto the dance floor whereas in reality we are already on the dance floor whether we like it or not and (thankfully!) there are no observers only participators. All the world is a dance and we are the dancers! So what is required is not an action in time bit a simple yes, a slip in perception a "before I begin I am already that" moment. To be a conscious dancer in the great dance is to reflect more adequately the perichoretic nature of the Trinity - it is to be a "partaker of the Divine nature".